Sometimes all we need is a little Harmony

At Harmony Direct, we know that the leading high-performance home builders, home performance contractors, smart home integrators, and the industry’s top innovative manufacturers want everyone to have a healthier home. But most are struggling to provide cost-effective solutions. We also understand that no one can develop and deliver healthier home solutions alone. You must have direct access to everyone involved in the decision-making process. Innovation requires collaboration, cooperation, and coordination.

Harmony has always been the key to success in our industry.

Understanding the ever-changing healthy home market and all the solutions available may be challenging, but partnering with the industry’s innovation leaders can help provide the tools and support needed for success.

In today’s healthy home orchestra, a key role is missing. There is no one setting the tempo and unifying the performers.  As a result, everyone is playing with less precision and confidence.

Harmony Direct was established to serve as your Conductor

We believe that the stakes are too high for you to accept the current wholesale distribution model and sacrifice collaboration and up to 60% in margins. We understand your frustration. That is why we formed Harmony Direct.

Harmony Direct has combined over 27 years of experience in selling, marketing, and developing IAQ solutions with leading eCommerce experts to create a unique, new business model.  We have established a exclusive innovation agency to represent and serve high-performance builders and home-performance contractors and a new, more efficient, and cost effective digitally-enabled manufacturer-direct distribution model.

Harmony Direct is transforming the building-products value chain by becoming the industry’s first Builder/Contractor Growth Agent / Manufacturer-Direct to Customer (D2C) Sales Agent / Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce Distributor / Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce Reseller hybrid.  By optimizing the value chain, this business model enables products and solutions to be more affordable. By removing costs that do not represent value, our manufacturer partners profits have increased, and our builder/contractor partners costs have decreased.

Collaboration and innovation are once again alive and well.

There’s no need for you to miss out, when you can partner with the best and brightest minds in the industry. Your partnerships established through Harmony Direct will help you boost your market share and margins.

When we work together in Harmony, everyone thrives.

Join us.