Help Them Help You Grow

We are establishing direct partnerships between high-performance home builders, home-performance contractors, and innovative indoor air quality manufacturers to enable them to more effectively collaborate, innovate, and maximize growth and profitability.

Your Opportunity

Even before the pandemic, health was becoming the primary driver for home improvement. Today, three quarters of Americans are at least somewhat concerned over the air they’re breathing in their homes.

The pandemic has caused 57% of us to be more concerned about the health and well-being of people and communities than we were before the pandemic.

Health and well-being are on our radar as never before, and that’s a huge opportunity. [IAQ Is the Next Big Deal, Shelton Group, August 5, 2020, <>]

to Transform

Today’s indirect wholesale building-products distribution model has become antiquated because of digital disruption, ongoing consolidation, changing customer demographics, and COVID-19.  As a result, it delivers little value.

This wholesale distribution model costs builders, contractors, and manufacturers up to 40% in lost margins.

and Innovate

You can invent alone, but you cannot innovate alone.

No one in the industry can develop and deliver healthier home solutions without direct access to everyone involved in the decision-making process. True innovation requires collaboration, cooperation, and coordination between builders, contractors, and manufacturers.

The current wholesale distribution model blocks access between builders, contractors, and manufacturers and, in doing so, blocks innovation.

Let’s make healthier homes affordable